The Big Conversation at Queen’s Park

It’s so exciting to finally be out having BIG conversations with people. I have attended two events so far with fabulous colleagues from my peer group. Nia Thomas and I attended the volunteer fair organised by Nova on 1st June, and I attended the Friends of Queens Park concert with Jenny Foskett on 5th June.

Listening to pe

ople talk about the good stuff in Wakefield is heart-warming! People had some great information to share with us about what they value about our District – this included the rich cultural assets, leisure facilities and parks, the fact that there is always an organisation or someone available to support people in communities, volunteering opportunities which offer people access to activities and accredited courses. One new business owner told us that they had spent time during the pandemic to hatch a business plan (we spoke to them on their first day of trading!), and one person told us that their favourite thing about Wakefield is an independent record shop which draws people from far and wide in to Wakefield city centre. (Note to self: Must visit – I love a good vinyl!)

People were keen to tell us that looking forward they want more to feel more community spirit, for our towns to benefit from regeneration so that our city centre and towns can thrive, good employment opportunities for our young people, to see more people visiting our District to enjoy our beauty spots, galleries, castles and museums, to see more recycling, to engage people in some of our more deprived areas so that nobody feels forgotten (sorry, an appreciative inquiry response would be, so that everybody feels included!), and to know about what’s happening across the District so that people can get involved in events and activities.