Dawn Threlfall

Evie Godfrey

Dawn Threlfall

Organisational Development Advisor

I support our team by ensuring our conversationalists have the skills and knowledge to feel confident to go out and start The Big Conversation.  This is through a number of channels such as organising and planning workshops, supporting the content on our newsletter or delivered through our peer support networks.  In essence my job is about making volunteers enjoy being part of this process, feel supported when things are not going to plan and learn new skills and gain experience along the way.

Although I no longer live within the district, I feel a strong connection to the area, having lived and worked here most of my life.  I am really looking forward to learning about what residents love within their local communities and understand what they would like to see more of.

My ideal afternoon would be having a picnic with my family, on a sunny day, in the Yorkshire Dales.