Even more things to do and places to go

We asked: Imagine your area 10 years from now. What would you want life to be like for people around here?


You love the free and fun activities in the district. You would love to see them continue. You also think it would be great if there were more affordable things for families to do together.

You would like to see youth clubs open more frequently and for longer so that more people can use them. There should be other places too for young people to meet up with mates and hang out that are warm, welcoming and safe.

“More opportunities for kids to do activities like dancing, football that are cheaper. A space where lots of family activities could be in one place - like bowling, cinema, soft play, dancing, learning new things, activities etc and a subscription membership like a gym membership so that families can do lots of things for a reasonable price.”

Female aged 18-29, Castleford