Supportive communities

We asked: Imagine your area 10 years from now. What would you want life to be like for people around here?


In the future, you want everyone to look out for each other as they do now. We need to continue to be inclusive and live alongside each other. Everyone should be respected and treated equally.

You would love to see more community celebrations where people come together, building community cohesion as people meet others from the same community in an informal and fun way. This could include cultural events where we celebrate different cultures and the celebrations of all cultures.

“Would like for the sense of community to increase even more. If life could be more social and to connect with others - different ages, nationalities joining together - this is where the community feel comes from and then this also makes it safer as everyone looks out for each other. Increase kindness and acceptance of all.”

Female aged 18-29, South Kirkby