Our people and our district

We asked: What do you most like about living/working/studying round here?


One of the things you value most about our district is the people; you describe them as welcoming and friendly. You think Wakefield has a warm sense of community because of the people. You feel safe here, you enjoy the peace and quiet of the district and you are proud of your local area. You feel connected to others, and like that you live near to loved ones.

“The people - they are fantastic because everyone is really friendly - I wouldn’t live anywhere else. It is lovely and I wouldn’t move. It is quiet and I have good neighbours. People are friendly and they would do anything for you. My neighbours saved me when I fell in my pond - its deep and I was hurt and couldn’t’ get out. They are always there to help. They even help me to walk around as I can be unsteady on my feet. Everyone speaks and waves - there are no nasty people where I live. There is no trouble - it is safe here.”

Female aged 70-79, Featherstone