Good jobs for all

We asked: Imagine your area 10 years from now. What would you want life to be like for people around here?


You believe that good quality careers advice, support, and employment options for young people in the future would mean young people would be more likely to stay in the area. In the future, you would like jobs to be advertised in a way that is attractive to young people. Everyone should have the tools and opportunities to achieve their potential.

You want to see a wider variety of good jobs. These should not just be warehouse and minimum wage jobs, but jobs where people can gain skills and qualifications which lead to a career. It would be great to attract the right kinds of business to the district such as those in the digital and technological industries. It would be a good to see support offered to local independent businesses and start-ups.

“I would like to see investment in young people - diverse jobs to retain younger generation in Wakefield.”

Female aged 30-39, Eastmoor