The Story so Far

The Big Conversation was born from a vision to make the Wakefield district the best place possible to live, work and grow. It is a new way of working which focuses on what’s strong in our communities, not what’s wrong.

The idea of The Big Conversation  came about in 2021 after the COVID-19 pandemic showed what could be achieved when communities work together. It’s about involving people from beginning to end in decisions that affect their lives.

Over 100 volunteers from the Council, NHS and charities as well as people living in our neighbourhood and communities signed up to become Conversationalists. These trained Conversationalists went out into the district and had face-to-face conversations with residents to learn what they liked about their area and what could be done to make things better for future generations.

The conversations took place from May to August 2022. Our Conversationalists had over 1,300 conversations and now that information has been collated into a report.

Our journey doesn’t end here though. We want to continue having conversations across the district as a way of making Wakefield an even better place to live, work and grow.